Flagship Project 8

Human-centric AI to deliver empowered customer experiences


Lead industry: Unicredit S.p.A.
Universities and EPR: Unidata S.p.A. 

The flagship objective is to foster a more AI-oriented re-design of value chain creation for any digital ecosystem. To this purpose the goals are: devise models, processes and tools that are strongly grounded on the pillars of privacy, robustness, fairness, explainability, sustainability and transparency to stakeholders; and investigate and possibly advance the latest solutions (i.e., those based on the data-as-a-product paradigm), fostering the adoption of privacy, security and sustainability principles by entities and players which are investing in a digital growth


  • Institutional Referee: Fabrizio Tartaglia – fabrizio.tartaglia@unicredit.eu
  • Scientific Referee: Ivan Luciano Danesi – ivanluciano.danesi@unicredit.eu
  • Administrative Referee: Fabio Righetto – fabio.righetto@unicredit.eu
  • Communication Manager: Esmeralda Faccioli Pintozzi – esmeraldamaria.facciolipintozzi@unicredit.eu