Flagship Projects

The Rome Technopole Foundation is composed of partners from the worlds of research, higher education, business and local government. Subjects who all play a central role in bringing development ideas to a positive transformative impact.


  • Implementing a network of relationships
  • Generating knowledge, technological development and new value
  • Enhancing human capital and resources

Flagship Projects (FPs) are vertical innovation projects with industrial leadership developed in an ecosystem perspective: they are outlined within a specific area of strategic specialization (Energy Transition; Digital Transition; Health & Bio-Pharma), across the Spokes.

In this way they are able to integrate research capabilities, innovation needs, education and training requirements, and technology development into a common platform involving universities, research partners, and companies.

To date, 8 Flagship Projects are activated within the Rome Technopole plan, in accordance with industrial partners’ strategic development plans and local government development strategies.