Rome Technopole Foundation supports Rome’s candidature for Expo 2030

Roadmap to Expo 2030: promoting committee missions

The Rome Technopole Foundation, representing the Lazio Region’s innovation ecosystem, supports Rome’s candidature for Expo 2030.

Expo 2030 is the ideal opportunity to transform Rome, in the collective imagination, from the cradle of civilisation, which has spread the model of the city par excellence throughout the world, to a smart city capable of combining the inestimable richness of the past with an energetic drive towards the future and its challenges.

People and Territories: regeneration, inclusion and innovation
“People and Territories” is the theme that accompanies Rome’s candidature for the 2030 Expo with the aim of bringing human beings and their habitat back into the centre of attention, creating inclusive, open, sustainable and innovative spaces and environments.

The candidacy and the role of the Italian academic world
The academic scenario in support of the city of Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030 is to create, within the Italian candidacy’s themes of regeneration, inclusion and innovation, a strong proposal, addressed not only to the academic and scientific communities, but also to the industrial and business communities, to implement education, international scientific research and sustainable development

The roadmap towards Expo 2030: promotion and support missions
Rome Technopole participated in missions to promote Rome’s candidacy.
The missions, supported by academic-scientific delegations, were an opportunity to present the Foundation, its values and the collaboration opportunities in an international scenario.

  • Mission to Finland, Estonia and Lithuania
    28-31 August 2023
  • Mission to Denmark, Sweden and Norway
    25-29 September 2023
  • Mission to Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia
    23-27 October 2023

Tor Vergata: a new development model for the area
Tor Vergata is the quadrant of Rome chosen for the candidacy, an area rich in potential in its mix of nature, history and science. The district presents itself as the new area of the Italian Knowledge Economy open to international collaboration, especially the European one: crucial is the proposal to build permanent pavilions where to develop collaboration between universities, research centers and enterprises, in a “union” of ecosystems.

The Expo presents itself as the starting point to build new models for taking care of our world, proposing new strategies and forms of interaction between “People and Territories”, forming the first generation of sustainability.

The Expo 2030 allocation
The Bureau International des Expositions will announce the name of the winning city on 28th November 2023 in Paris: it will be chosen through a secret vote cast by 171 countries.