Strategic Plan

Three-year strategic plan for Research and Innovation 2023-2024

  • Providing central Italy with a multi-technology hub for training, research and technology transfer, integrating the knowledge and skills of universities and the scientific community with the needs of the industrial sector;
  • Increasing both public and private investments in research and development;
  • Competing at national and international level with other innovation players on the various fronts of technological development, focusing on the most advanced supply chains and entering European strategic value chains, with a strong involvement of businesses;
  • Promoting the social inclusion policy and the social elevator mission of the university education system, making it easier for all young people and women to access new, high-quality job opportunities in the driving sectors of the ecological and digital transition, health and biopharma;
  • Making the university education offer in the STEM disciplines of central and southern Italy stronger, more articulated and more competitive, in thematic areas that are absolutely complementary to those of the consolidated polytechnic universities of northern Italy.